Provided For You When You Arrive


  • In the kitchen, you will find tea towels, hand towel, oven gloves or mats, tea cosy and 2 picnic blankets, there's even an umbrella, parasol, BBQ, 2 fire extinguishers and a fire blanket.
  • You will also find foil, cling film and grease proof paper, dishwasher tablets and a small supply of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, nappies and dummies and a waterproof sheet for emergencies.
  • Just in case you need shoe polish, a sewing kit or sun tan cream that's all there too along with the first aid kit and insect repellant.
  • The pantry will have a few herbs and spices and a selection of herbal teas .
  • We have chosen to not supply milk, cake, bread and wine on arrival because you all have such different tastes.
  • If our hens are laying, we shall give you some eggs

Sitting Room

  • In the sitting room, the fire is laid and there will be enough logs and kindling for your stay. If you need more please ask. You will find blankets and rugs to keep you cosy. Games are stored in the sitting room along with up to date magazines for men and women.


  • You will find bath towels, hand towels and towels for mud and make-up, along with all the bedlinen, loo rolls and 2 hardryers.
  • If you need a cot, it's there, let us know if you wish to use it and we shall put it up for you but we do not routinely supply the bedlinen for this. In case of emergencies we can help out.


  • We also provide, walk books and maps, a telescope, red light torches, a bat detector, binoculars and sheet music for the piano and guitar.